17.5 by 34.5?

Ok, so – time wise – I’m over half way through my year long ’35 by 35′ list and have just over five months left until my 35th birthday. So, am I half way through my list yet? Er….no. Not even close. Let’s see how I’m doing?

  • Read at least 15 novels nope. I’ve managed three so far (plus two non-fiction and a book of short stories). So only 20% of the way there.
  • Go on 10 ‘dates’ or evenings out with my husband – nope. Think we have done two (wedding anniversary and then a meal out after parents evening), so 20% of the way there.
  • Do 35 blog entries – if we count the original ’35 by 35′ post and this one, that’s 17, so not too far behind the halfway target.
  • Have a home I feel proud of – kind of hard to measure this one but I think I’m less than half way there. I’m doing better with tidying and cleaning  – and the cats aren’t weeing on stuff at the moment! – but I really want to have a proper sort out, clear out and new furniture etc.
  • Take up crafting of some kind – nope. Still want to but haven’t done it.
  • Change my hair – nope. Still can’t decide on cut, grow or something else.
  • Cook/bake 35 recipes I haven’t made before – er, no. Possibly not even any. Or I can’t remember if I have.
  • Go a week without cake, biscuits or chocolate – er, no.
  • Limit weighing myself to once a month or less – nope. Still weighing myself more than that, although I think I will eventually achieve this.
  • Make or do 10 things I have ‘pinned’ on Pinterest – again, no. Not even one.
  • See something at the theatre – Yes! Tick! Done! In fact, times by three! ‘Dirty Dancing ‘with friends, ‘Room on the Broom’ with DH and X, and ‘Phantom’ with my mom and sister.
  • Go a week without Facebook – yes! I went eight days without it and didn’t really miss it, actually. I could definitely stand to go more time without it.
  • Make a second baby * – unsurprisingly, no. Not even an agreement that we will or even might.
  • Introduce ‘takeway and a movie’ night once a week – technically yes in that I did introduce it, but we haven’t really stuck with it, so it’s really a no.
  • Learn to practice mindfulness – again, hard to ‘measure’ but, no, not yet. Not even tried.
  • Get some professional photos taken of our family – no. Think I would like these done for my birthday though so might be one for the end of the challenge.
  • Practice a day of random kindness – no. But I will.
  • Keep a ‘good things’ journal – no. But I have started a five year diary which I write in every day. It did start out with being the intention of a ‘good things’ journal but then I thought it would be better to give an accurate reflection of my day and feelings so I could see in future years how things have changed (or not).
  • Write a letter to the editor of a magazine – no.
  • Learn a new skill – no.
  • Build a snowman with my son – no. Though to be fair, we haven’t had any snow yet. I am definitely going to do it though!
  • Go to bed before 10pm every night for a week – not yet.
  • Give up diet coke for a week – not yet.
  • Go 24 hours without complaining – No. Give me a break. It’s not fair 😉
  • Buy myself flowers once a month for a year – yes! I have done this every month so far and love it.
  • Write a will – No. We really need to.
  • Give blood at least once – not yet. Unfortunately, my town only ever does it on a Friday afternoon which is never convenient with X in tow. 
  • Buy a gift for a person I love from their wish list (just ‘because’ as opposed to because it’s their birthday) – nope.
  • Go geocaching – no. Being a bit of a fair weather person, I expect this will wait until spring now.
  • Have a pyjama day with my son – no.
  • Go to the gym 50 times – no. Maybe 5 times so far?
  • Buy five items of clothing I love and that fit me right now (not wish I was slim enough to buy them) – yes! More than five!! I got new tops, trousers, dresses and cardigans about six weeks ago. Still feel crap about the way I look though.
  • Spend more time actively playing with my son – again hard to measure, but I haven’t increased the level significantly, so it’s a no so far.
  • Save up every £2 coin for a year – yes! Obviously haven’t done a year yet, but I’ve saved every one I have had so far. It hasn’t really been that many as I always seem to get £1 coins in my change. But I think I have about 15 or so so far (it’s a sealed tin so I can’t look).
  • Write a 40 by 40 list! – nope. Although again this one is likely to be done close the end of the twelve months and will include anything that didn’t get done off this list.

So…nowhere near half then! Adding up the partially achieved items along with the fully achieved items gives me a grand total of 5/35. So, not looking good is it…


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