35 by 35: Two months on

I thought I would do a monthly update on how I am doing on my 35 by 35 list. The items themselves are pretty small so don’t really warrant a whole post individually. Also, I’m not doing so great to so far…

So here are the ones where ANY progress has been made!

1. Read 15 novels – I have read two so far. The Maggie Farrell one I mentioned last month and Dawn French’s Oh Dear Silvia. Both enjoyable but neither outstanding.

2. Go on 10 dates with my husband – only one so far which was dinner out for our wedding anniversary last week. We had the seven course vegetarian tasting menu at l’Ortolan – really good. Food was divine and lovely atmosphere there. Would definitely recommend it for a special meal if you live anywhere near Reading.

3. 35 blog entries – well none of them have been very inspiring but I’m up to six so far (seven if you count this one). That’s pretty much on track for the average of three per month. Just need to work on writing some more interesting ones!

11. See something at the theatre – I went to see Dirty Dancing with two of my friends at the beginning of May. Really had an amazing evening (the time of my life….*groan*). I had forgotten how much I love seeing musicals – it’s been three years since I had been to the theatre before that. If you love the movie, you’ll love the show (and, likewise, don’t bother if you hated the film!). It really is an almost complete recreation of the film – from the dialogue to the choreography. Such a feel good show!

14. Takeaway and movie night – we did this for about three weeks and now it’s gone out of the window again. Well, not the takeaways – still eating way too many of those…

25. Buy myself flowers every month – yup! Definitely sticking with this one as it’s such a little thing that cheers me up loads. It’s still all about the tulips and I just bought my second bunch yesterday. Reddy-purple ones and yellow ones.

31. Go to the gym 50 times – I have actually got back in to going and I’m really liking it. So proud of myself to manage to keep exercising separate from healthy eating in my mind. Normally I am of the attitude that, if I am not eating healthily, going to the gym is a waste of time. But, even though my diet has been really poor still, I have actually enjoyed working out. Only six visits so far but I’m confident I’ll keep going. I even got DH to buy me a bright red iPod shuffle for our anniversary so I can listen to all my favourite feel-good songs. I have to say that I haven’t been since Tuesday this week though as I’m suffering with knee pain (not related to the gym although Tuesday’s visit didn’t help it) 😦

34. Save up my £2 coins – yup! There was one I didn’t save as I desperately needed change but every other one I have had since the beginning of April, I have put in my tin. I haven’t been keeping track of them but guess I must have around 15 by now – that’s £30 right there!!

So, not too shoddy considering I haven’t really put any effort in so far. I’m looking forward to working on all my other goals over the coming months. Especially the weighing one as I still seem to be jumping on the scales every time I have a ‘bad’ food day. And I’ve gained 2lb this month. Ho hum.


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