Tuesday is ‘me’ time

X started preschool a few weeks ago. He is absolutely loving it and I think it’s brilliant for both of us to start having this little bit of time apart (have been a SAHM since he was born 2.5 years ago). He is just doing two half-days so far and that seems to be perfect for an amount to start with (might add another half-day in September). Thursday afternoons whilst he is there, I am using for cleaning. Hoovering, dusting, cleaning the kitchen etc. I get two hours to do a lot without him under my feet or being ignored in front of the TV. Tuesday mornings, however, I’ve decided are going to be just MY time. From 9:15am to 11:40am, when I need to leave to collect him, is going to be just for me! I’m hoping that I can also get into a habit of using a little bit of this time each week – making a date of it if you like – for blogging. So here I am, using my last half hour to do just that.

First thing I did after dropping X off at preschool this morning was to go to my favourite coffee shop for tea and cake. I was feeling stressed as we were in a rush to get out of the door this morning and feeling fat because my clothes seem to be getting tight…so of course cake is the answer! I really really wanted a piece of their red velvet cake. It’s dense and yet moist and has that gorgeous cream cheese frosting on top. Perfect. Turns out that have switched suppliers and so the cake was different today. Still red velvet and still lovely but it didn’t quite hit the spot. And it had buttercream on the top rather than cream cheese which was what I really wanted. I still ate it all though and had some time to sit and relax whilst drinking and eating. No toddler to knock my drink over or eat half my cake or hurry me along because they want to go. Just me. It was nice. Though I wish I had the cream cheese topping.


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