One month on

So, how am I doing with my 35 by 35 list one month on? Badly, that’s how! I really thought the list would help focus me on what I want to get out of life but I still seem to be stuck in a rut of being miserable and overeating and being lazy and not doing anything. Please tell me there is hope for me yet and at the grand age of 34 there’s no point bothering to try!!

I have started to read one book, so that’s at least a start on the road to my 15 novels in the year! It’s Instructions For A Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell if you’re interested. Am about a quarter of the way through and am enjoying it so far. I’ve read and liked two of her other novels, so high hopes that this one will be good too.

Weighing myself once a month is really not going well. I seem to be jumping on the scales every few days. So I think I’ll set myself a mini-goal of restricting it to twice a month for a while and then hopefully I can move to once a month and get that ticked off by March!

The three goals that I am having some success on are numbers 14, 25 and 34. We have introduced ‘movie night’ once a week on Wednesdays. We’re subscribed to LoveFilm but, as we’ve always been a bit pants at getting round to watching the films, we’re on the lowest package where you only get two films a month. So obviously this doesn’t give us enough for one a week (so we managed 3 Wednesdays out of 4 this month). Might need to review our package. Would also like to try and make this the only night we regularly have takeaway going forward as we do tend to have it about three times a week at the moment (hides head in shame).

I bought myself some gorgeous tulips on Friday and they have really cheered both me and my house up, so think I will definitely stick to getting flowers as a monthly purchase. I also bought myself a money tin (one of those you have to open with a can opener) for putting my £2 coins in. Think I have about eight of them in there so far!

So, minimal progress. But I am hoping for a Mindful May and hopefully some less ‘wallowing in my own rubbishness’ blog posts!




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