35 by 35

I have been thinking for a while about making a list of goals I would like to achieve. Not quite as mammoth as a bucket list but smaller scale stuff that will none-the-less make my life a bit better. I have read a few similar types of lists on some of my favourite blogs and so am having a go at my own list.

I turned 34 on Saturday and my list is the one I’m aiming to work through over the next year (minus three days). I present to you my ‘35 by 35’ list:

  1. Read at least 15 novels
  2. Go on 10 ‘dates’ or evenings out with my husband
  3. Do 35 blog entries
  4. Have a home I feel proud of
  5. Take up crafting of some kind
  6. Change my hair
  7. Cook/bake 35 recipes I haven’t made before
  8. Go a week without cake, biscuits or chocolate
  9. Limit weighing myself to once a month or less
  10. Make or do 10 things I have ‘pinned’ on Pinterest
  11. See something at the theatre
  12. Go a week without Facebook
  13. Make a second baby *
  14. Introduce ‘takeway and a movie’ night once a week
  15. Learn to practice mindfulness
  16. Get some professional photos taken of our family
  17. Practice a day of random kindness
  18. Keep a ‘good things’ journal
  19. Write a letter to the editor of a magazine
  20. Learn a new skill
  21. Build a snowman with my son
  22. Go to bed before 10pm every night for a week
  23. Give up diet coke for a week
  24. Go 24 hours without complaining
  25. Buy myself flowers once a month for a year
  26. Write a will
  27. Give blood at least once
  28. Buy a gift for a person I love from their wish list (just ‘because’ as opposed to because it’s their birthday)
  29. Go geocaching
  30. Have a pyjama day with my son
  31. Go to the gym 50 times
  32. Buy five items of clothing I love and that fit me right now (not wish I was slim enough to buy them)
  33. Spend more time actively playing with my son
  34. Save up every £2 coin for a year
  35. Write a 40 by 40 list!

* This one is going to be tricky as hubby has not yet agreed to a second child – he may do so in six months or he may never do – and so I’ll only be able to work on it if and when he decides we can have one.  I guess it’s really a wish more than a goal!


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