Baby steps

Weighed myself on 1st December. Only half a lb down from the previous month and 1lb down from beginning of October. So the gym alone is obviously making no difference at all (of course, I have skipped quite a few sessions and I know I’m not working out as hard as I should). But I decided to adopt the Beyond Chocolate approach for December and I’m going to stick with it. Then, if I don’t get a loss of at least 3lb this month and/or feel better about myself, it will be on to a health kick in the new year.

It’s not going amazingly so far, though I have binged a lot less than normal. I need to try and make those binges a bit more mindful at least. Managed to stop when I was full at both lunch and dinner today though rather than eating to discomfort as I often do. So it’s still progress.

Skipped the gym today though. Am feeling all a bit ‘whats the point?’ about it at the moment. I want to go and I want to feel fit and healthy but I know I only make a half-hearted effort about it. Am considering whether to ask DH for personal training sessions as a Christmas present so that I could do that for a couple of months in the new year as a kick start. I guess I just fear that a trainer is going to want me to follow a diet or tell me I need to cut out the junk food (which I know I do if I want to get the best results but if I end up going down the Beyond Chocolate route, being told ‘stop eating cakes all the time’ is not going to help me).  I don’t want to pay out for no results because I’m eating junk but I don’t want to have to feel like I am dieting or not enjoying my food either else I will just relapse anyway. Not sure what the answer is to that.


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