31 days of Beyond Chocolate

Dieting? Healthy eating? Calorie counting? Beyond Chocolate? I have been so torn on what to do. I am like the proverbial donkey standing between two bales of hay and not knowing which one to eat – and starving instead. Only I’m not starving; I’m bingeing. I can’t decide what to do so I carry on doing the one thing I know doesn’t work! And I have been doing it for years! Nut isn’t it?!

Frustrated, I mentioned it to my husband. He – being a bloke and therefore rooted in logic – said “Pick one! Just pick one and stick to it for a month and see how it goes”. So….that seems like a good approach. A month is long enough to see some kind of ‘progress’ (whether that’s weight loss, more energy or just feeling better about my relationship with food) but a short enough amount of time that it doesn’t seem like a massive commitment.

So, I’ve chosen Beyond Chocolate. Traditional healthy eating or calorie counting seem like insane choices to try given that my month will be December and there’s Christmas to think of with its mince pies, big dinners and oversize tins of chocolates. But Beyond Chocolate – the one that in my heart of hearts make most sense to me – that would be doable. I just have to make the commitment to do it. To eat what I truly want and not just use it as a licence to binge like I have been for the past seven years. I just have to do it. For me.

So December 2012 – which starts tomorrow – will be 31 days of Beyond Chocolate.


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