No change

Ok, it’s been a month now since I started this blog and a month since I started going back to the gym. The good news is that I’ve been to the gym at least twice every week for the past month and I’m enjoying being back in the routine (and, hopefully, now that the clocks have gone back, the early morning starts shouldn’t be so horrid). The bad news is it isn’t yet making any difference. I know it’s only been four weeks but I am one of those people who like to see some kind of tangible benefit to doing these things with in a short time. I know logically that I won’t for at least three months but that is longer than my initial enthusiasm tends to last and it’s hard to stay motivated without proof  that it’s making a difference. I mean, I enjoy the gym but if it had no health benefits whatsoever then I’d rather have the extra time in bed!

I haven’t changed my diet at all the past month – either in terms of the types of food I eat or how I eat them (despite my last post, I still haven’t embraced The Principles…).The gym has been the only difference. I’m switching to weighing monthly as I’m too reliant on the scales to decide my mood for the day. I weighed today and I’m only half a lb lighter than I was on 1st October. Better than half a lb heavier though I guess! My body fat percentage is down slightly too. I was either 36.5% or 37% on 1st October (DS deleted the information from my phone – thanks kid!) and today it was 35.5%. I use the reading from my scales so I know it’s not as accurate as professional methods but it’s close enough and a general ballpark figure is mainly what I am interested in rather than absolute accuracy. So, still high obviously but at least some improvement. So my next challenge is to stay off the scales until 1st December!


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