Food and fitness

Well, it’s a cliche I know, but two of the things I want to address in becoming a ‘better me’ are food and fitness. Yes, I want to lose weight – about 2 stone or so – but also to get fitter and address my relationship with food rather than just going on a diet. I’m an emotional eater you see.

I’ve been working on the fitness bit a little this week. I’ve been to the gym twice. Yes, again I know the gym is a cliche but I do actually enjoy it once I’m there. I don’t enjoy going when it’s busy though. I also don’t enjoy being told what to do. I know which machines I enjoy using, which ones I hate and which ones I can’t use due to them hurting my knees. So twice this week I have been up early and hit the gym at 6:30am. I like to do it first thing so it doesn’t impact the rest of my day. Also, as a full time parent, there’s the childcare issue; my gym has no creche, so going before DH goes to work is crucial so that he can take care of our son. I’ve had two great workouts – combining weights machines with cardio each time – and can’t wait to go again next week.

It hasn’t been such a good week on the food front. Probably because, despite renouncing diets, I still catch myself saying I’m going to be ‘good’ and straight away I want to rebel and dive into the nearest bar of Dairy Milk. It’s also hard not to feel like I’ve ‘spoiled it’ by eating cake when I’ve been to the gym. But hey, eating cake and going to the gym is better than eating cake and not going to the gym!

I’ll talk more about the eating side of things in future posts. But just to say that, although I’d like to reduce my intake of cake and chocolate and all things sweet – much as I love them and wouldn’t be without them long term – as I do tend to find it hard to tune in to my satisfaction point with them, on the whole I’m aiming to work with the principles outlined in Sophie and Audrey Boss’s book Beyond Chocolate.  It’s all to do with tuning in to your hunger and learning to eat when you are hungry, eat what you are hungry for and stop when you’re satisfied. That’s where I’m aiming to be at any rate, but it’s a long and very slow journey!


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