New week

Well, it’s Monday again…and I haven’t blogged for over a week. My gremlin is sitting on my shoulder telling me I’m hopeless because I can’t even write a blog. Oh go away, gremlin…you can f*** right off! Have lost 1lb this week. Slow and steady but I’m not making radical changes to my diet or … More New week

Stuck in a rut

So, I was going to make this blog all shiny and full of inspiration and how I’m working to make my life more mindful, more alive, more engaged and more happy. But I’m struggling already. With doing those things in real life. I’m stuck in a rut. I’m supposed to be working on my relationship … More Stuck in a rut

Food and fitness

Well, it’s a cliche I know, but two of the things I want to address in becoming a ‘better me’ are food and fitness. Yes, I want to lose weight – about 2 stone or so – but also to get fitter and address my relationship with food rather than just going on a diet. … More Food and fitness

New journal

This is my umpteenth attempt to start an online blog or journal. Not sure what makes this time different. Maybe nothing. I am just doing it for me though this time. Not trying to be witty or brilliant for anyone else in the vague hope that my blog might become some kind of work of … More New journal